Plans & Pricing

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning & Disinfecting Plans


Customized Business Cleaning & Disinfection Plans

We offer a variety of plans for every type of business, which also means our pricing is customized for each client.

Take the first step by simply emailing, texting or calling us. You can talk to us without feeling pressured. We will listen to your needs and offer helpful suggestions to keep your business clean and safe. 

Schedule Your Free Appointment For Pricing

If you feel you would like to take the next step, we will schedule an appointment to come to your place of business and offer a free estimate of services based on your specific needs. It's that easy!

Flexible, Scheduled Business Cleaning Plans

We typically work before or after business hours so that we can give you a thorough cleaning and disinfecting without interference of your work day. No matter how much or how often services are needed, we will accommodate you.

Reputable, Reliable & Professional Service

We pride ourselves on over two decades of service and professional business cleaning experience. Our clients love Chief Cleaning NYC because we offer a thorough and punctual cleaning service that your business can rely on.

Don't wait. Take the next step toward a cleaner, safer workplace.

We offer personalized cleaning and disinfecting programs for every business. We work with you to customize your cleaning strategy to your exact needs.

Regular, scheduled cleaning is hassle-free and reduces safety risks, time waste due to illness, and helps recover lost profits.